I’ve just finished writing my second children’s book, ‘Wanda the Kind, Happy Wasp’. Now, in the process of doing that, I thought I’d better find out a bit about wasps. It turns out they’re really fascinating little creatures. So, I’ve put together a free wasp facts sheet to share some of the things I found out. You can get it by clicking on this link>>

I’ve said it’s for kids, but really this is pretty interesting whatever age you are.

Did you know these wasp facts?

We all know that wasps sting. But did you know this…? Apparently it’s only female wasps that sting.

So, originally, Wanda was going to be named Walter. It was only when I checked out the facts that I realised this wouldn’t work. (Yes, spoiler alter…Wanda does sting someone in the book!)

I think it’s fair to say that wasps have a bit of a bad name. I mean, who doesn’t dread the summer when all the wasps come out to play? We mostly become aware of them when they start building nests in our houses. Or try to join in our picnics, or over-indulge on ripening fruit. So, we think of them purely as a nuisance.

I mean, they’re not like the lovely bees who make us honey and pollinate our plants.

Well, actually, wasps may not make honey, but they do pollinate plants. They also eat a lot of common pests. So, I discovered they do a lot of good for our environment. This was certainly news to me!Wanda the Kind, Happy Wasp. Children's book by Katie Dean

How about Wanda?

Well, certainly, I’ve tried to use some of the facts I learned as I was coming up with Wanda’s story. So, you’ll get to see a day in the life of a wasp, but with a few added twists to make her into a cute little character.

Wanda’s story should be available on Amazon by the end of March 2020. So, if you want a fun way to understand wasps and why we should show them some more love, make sure you get a copy of the book.


Wasp facts for kids of all ages

Click here to get your free Wasp Facts PDF download

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