If ever there was a time for a spot of ‘making things’, it’s Christmas! So, I want to share some free Christmas craft that you can enjoy. This particular project is:

  • practical
  • easy
  • great for children of all ages (meaning adults too!)
  • perfect for recycling

So, what could I be thinking of? Gift tags.

No parcel is complete without its gift tag. But why spend money on buying them when you can easily make them? Yes, I know there are already a ton of ways you probably know, from recycling old wrapping paper, and more. But here, I’ve created a cute set of tags inspired by ‘Elf’s Big Adventure‘ that you won’t find anywhere else.

Elf's Big Adventure, book by Katie Dean

A little story before we settle down to work…

Back when I was at school, during the final 3 years of primary school, we used to get a real treat… Three whole days of nothing but Christmas craft!

Parents would come in to help out and all us children would spend a delightful time getting creative. There would be a lot of different projects on offer. Some involved sewing, some cooking, some with paper and glue…you get the picture. All of them would either be treats to eat, decorations for the home, or gifts to give our parents.

I’m not sure where the teachers and parents came up with all these ideas, but we made some really brilliant things. In fact, some of those Christmas decorations still come out to decorate my Mum’s house each year.

Each of us children got to choose what we were going to make, so preparations could be made in advance. The parents who came and helped all used their expertise. And it was just so much fun…way, way better than anything you can ever do on a computer screen or tablet!

So, I would love to see children today getting to experience something similar. Maybe not at school, but even at home, you can recreate this. It keeps them occupied and can have a wonderful, practical result.

Speaking of which, let’s get back to this free Christmas craft project…

Free printable gift tags, Katie Dean Children's Books, Elf's Big Adventure

How to get your free Christmas craft project

I’ve created a set of six gift tags, using the characters from ‘Elf’s Big Adventure‘. They’re in black and white, so they need colouring in, cutting out, and using. All very simple!

…and, possibly all very environmentally-friendly too… For the simplest route, you can print the tags onto white card, then you literally just need to colour them and cut them out. If you want to incorporate a bit of recycling in here, then why not print onto the back of an old letter or sheet of paper. (I end up with so many letters and printed paper that has only been printed on one side. So, why not print on the blank side and put it to good use?)

If you are printing onto paper, you will want to stiffen the tag before you use it. (Plus, if you did print on the back of something, you’ll want to cover that!) So, you can stick the tag onto some card.

I happen to have a stock of coloured craft card that I need to use up. But again, if you’re thinking about recycling, how about using card from old cereal packets, or other food packaging. We all have it to hand, and it may as well get a second life!

I’m about to give you a few creative ideas and tips here. But if you’re ready to get started, click here to download your free gift tags.

Free Christmas craft project for children of all ages, Katie Dean Children's Books, Elf's Big Adventure

Easy ways to get creative

Once you’ve got your free download, it’s time to start getting creative!

First, colour in your tags. Now, this is something that any child (or adult!) can do. And the resulting tags won’t just be cost effective, they will also be really special. Maybe I’m more sentimental than most, but I have kept all the drawings and cards my little nieces have made for me. It’s not about the artistic merit, or skill, it’s those special memories and moments that are gone in the blink of an eye. So, I’m pretty sure that any relative, near or far, will be thrilled to have a tag made by their little ones!

You can copy the colours from Elf’s Big Adventure (click here to get your copy of the book). Or, make up your own.

Free print out and create gift tags, Katie Dean Children's Books, Elf's Big Adventure

Now, when it comes to cutting out, of course the younger children will need some adult help.

The same may apply to backing with card, if you’ve chosen to do that.

If you are going down that route, then you can get as creative as you like. If you want to make gift tags that fold over, remember to stick your coloured tag onto a large piece of card, allowing for the fold. It can be a vertical or horizontal fold.

I fully encourage the use of glitter pens, metallic ink, and anything else to brighten the gift tags too!

Finally, use a hole punch to make a hole in one corner of the tag. Then, add a piece of ribbon, write the label and attach it to your parcel.

Click here to get your free Christmas craft project and get started now>>

More free Christmas fun

Hopefully this free Christmas craft project will keep your little ones occupied, and give you some special gift tags.

When that’s all done, how about a game to keep them out of mischief? Click here to find out more!


Download your free Christmas craft project by clicking here

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