Elf’s Big Adventure is also Katie’s Big Adventure!

This is the first children’s book I have written and published, so it’s all a little bit scary…but in an exciting way! Let me tell you a bit more about it…


The start of Elf’s Big Adventure

I first wrote this story for my older niece (at that time, my only niece), in 2017. Back then, I had no intention of publishing it properly. I simply used a self-publishing service to get two copies printed. (One for my niece – obviously – and one for me to keep).

But she loved the book and my Mum and brother loved it. So, they encouraged me to think differently about publishing…

Ever since I was tiny, I’ve always enjoyed writing stories and illustrating them. I just never really believed I would do this for a living. But, as the saying goes, ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’.

So, somehow, this feels like the right time to be embarking on this big new adventure. So, yes it is all a bit scary…

What if nobody else likes this? What if nobody buys it? Of course, all those questions are circling through my head. But, on the other hand, I’ve got nothing to lose… And I’ve had an absolutely wonderful time creating this!

Elf's Big Adventure, by Katie Dean: Elf accidentally ends up flying around the world

Introducing Elf

I suppose I think of Elf as a little like my child. He is a kind, happy little fellow, always keen to help. But, life doesn’t always go as planned…

So, his adventure starts when he falls asleep in a corner, hidden between sacks of Christmas presents. Imagine his shock when he wakes up a couple of hours later, and finds… he’s flying around the world!

Luckily Father Christmas is there to look after him. So, this turns into the best adventure Elf could ever have imagined. He discovers how much fun it is to slide down a chimney. And it’s a magical world waiting for him at the bottom…

But, I’m not going to spoil the story completely. If you want to find out how he meets an Angel, why the Gingerbread men enjoy singing and how baubles dance, you’ll have to read Elf’s Big Adventure for your self.

Elf and Angel Dancing, Katie Dean Children's Books

How I made Elf’s Big Adventure

Now, maybe this isn’t such a big leap for me. Yes, I dreamed of writing books when I was a small child. I think I thought that meant writing novels or stories. But the books I actually ended up writing, were all about beading. So, I have published quite a few books that teach people how to create the beading designs I’ve made.

It turns out, that was all great preparation for creating Elf’s Big Adventure. After all, the process of publishing a book is the same, no matter what kind of book it is.

Step 1

You need to write something…

In this case, I wrote a little story and I drew the pictures to illustrate it. As I’m writing, I see images in my head – a bit like watching a film unfold. So, I wanted to try and put those pictures down on paper, as well as the words telling the story.

Step 2

Then, you need to arrange it…

So, once you have the story, you need to do ‘layout’. That means, working out which words and which pictures are going to sit on each page. Now, there are some ‘rules’, like the ideal number of pages for a book to be printed correctly. Then, you have to decide on the size of the book, what kind of paper you want the printer to use, and so on.

That’s quite a lot of decisions!

Gingerbread Man from Elfs Big Adventure, Katie Dean Children's Books

Step 3

Then, comes the fun bit…

After you’ve laid everything out on your computer screen, you ask the printer to make an actual book for you. And that’s very exciting to see all those ideas, words and pictures come to life!

Step 4

Lastly, comes the scary bit…

If you want to sell your book, you need to tell people about it… And ask them if they would like to buy it. So, that’s the hardest part, for me. I feel a little bit shy about asking people to buy this. But I hope I’ve created a story that lots of little children will enjoy. There is something very special and magical about a story that takes you away to somewhere different from your real life.

I love books and films and theatre that helps me travel to different places. So, I just hope you will also enjoy flying around the world with Elf and having your own big adventure in your head!

Elf climbs out of the chimney, Elfs big adventure, Katie Dean, Children's Books

More Elf and others…

Elf also has a life on this website. So, stay tuned to my blog for more fun children’s activities involving Elf. Not to mention, I will be introducing and writing about lots more characters…


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