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About Katie Dean and her family

When I was growing up, my family was my Mum, my Dad and my younger brother.

My Dad had to travel to America a lot for his work. So, sometimes, we all went with him. We all lived there for a year when I was very small. And we went on a lot of brilliant holidays as I was growing up.

My brother and I were very close and had a lot of fun playing together. We liked making up imaginary games. We learned all about Cowboys and Indians when we were in America. So, we used to pretend we were Indians, with a Teepee under the kitchen table.

I also loved drawing and writing stories. Sometimes I would write stories for my brother, because he was younger than me. The first story I remember writing, was about Tommy the Tortoise. He lived in Bluebell Wood, with lots of friends. They had some fun adventures together!

And, when I wasn’t playing games, or writing and drawing, I loved making things. I learned to sew and knit, and I just loved to create. So, I created games, gifts and all sorts of things, using any material I could.

About Katie Dean, Katie Dean Childrens Books


Growing Up

When I grew up, I stopped writing stories about imaginary characters, and started writing about real people from history. I went to University and learned all about the past. I really enjoyed this!

So, I suppose my next book was my PhD Thesis. I wrote all about people in seventeenth-Century England, which is a really, really long time ago. But it taught me that people are always the same, wherever and whenever they lived. It’s good to remember that, so you can respect others, even when you think they might be different from you.

By then, I was really grown up and I had to go and get a job. So, I worked in London, as something called a ‘Strategy Consultant’. I was helping businesses to grow, and helping them out of trouble if they got stuck. It was very interesting, but very, very, very hard work.

In fact, I worked so hard, that I forgot to keep looking after myself properly and I ended up getting very sick. So, I had to stop doing that job.

What happened next?

That was all a bit scary! But it was also a good thing.

I remembered about Katie Dean as a child and I remembered how much I loved creating. So, I discovered beads! I learned how to stitch them together – it’s something we call ‘beadwork’ – and I started creating things again.

Soon, other people saw what I was creating and asked me to show them how to make beaded things too. So, I wrote about how I made my beaded cakes and flowers and boxes.

That turned into a lot more books!

Now, by this time, my little brother was all grown up too. He had got married and has two little girls – they are my nieces.

So, I started writing stories for them. And remembered how much I loved imagining little characters and what happens to them.

My nieces enjoyed the stories and my Mum said maybe other little children would like to hear them too. So, that’s how I come to be here!

Elfs Big Adventure, by Katie Dean

Elf was my first character. He is also a real toy that I made for my older niece in 2017. My first book about Elf was all about his Christmas Party. That turned into ‘Elf’s Big Adventure’

So, now you’ve met me, maybe you would like to meet all my little imaginary friends? They live in my books, but I write more about them on my blog too. So, you can follow their adventures by reading that.

About Katie Dean Children’s Books website

When I started putting this website together, I didn’t want it to be just about books. When I was little, I also loved creating games and making things. So, I thought, why not share that as well?

As an adult, it can be challenging to think of new things to entertain children. So, I thought I could try and help you out there. I don’t only write books for my nieces. I have also devised games that they enjoy playing. So, why not share those too?

And, since it can get very expensive trying to entertain children, I wanted to offer you a range of activities and games that are all free and easy to use.

I hope they will still inspire young imaginations. And I hope they will help bring the characters from my books to life. Most of all, though, I hope to remind children – and adults – that you can have a lot of fun without using a computer. That’s how my childhood used to be and it’s lovely to see today’s young generation taking time away from screens. So, I hope the activities you’ll find on here will help with that.